Farm and Produce

Did you know that we are also a working farm? We are a Certified Naturally Grown farm and grow most of the annuals and perennials that we sell, as well as herbs, vegetable plants and produce! 

Our farm manager, Casey, is a graduate of the Lanier Technical College Sustainable Agriculture Program and he is passionate about growing things the way nature intended. We are all firm believers in Integrated Pest Management (IPM to those in the know - more about IPM can be found below*) here on the Farm at Leiliani's and, in accordance with our Certified Naturally Grown guidelines we do not use any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. In fact, most of our crops are fertilized using the compost we generate though our old plant material and scraps from our very own bakery.

Certified Naturally Grown

We are proud to be the ONLY CNG produce farm in Dawson County - you can check out our profile here -



Our herbs are grown from seed and plugs in our very own CNG greenhouses and are only brought out for retail sale when they are fully rooted and ready for a new home in your herb garden. 


As a small farm, we rely on year-round production to keep us going. That's where our amazing greenhouses come in! We've been fortunate enough to have been the recipients of State grants to allow us to expand our greenhouses, thus allowing more goodness to grow, all year long. 

Producing produce is our bread and butter... so to speak! We offer a wide range of seasonally grown veggies. From arugula to zucchini - and so much more in between. People love us for the fresh, locally grown, pesticide-free produce that they can feel confident about eating, and sharing with their friends and family.

* IPM, or Integrated Pest Management, is how we keep our crops free of pests. We cannot use synthetic pesticides, nor do we want to, so we have several methods for keeping the nasties at bay. Anything that we spray on our plants, whether it is a fungicide, herbicide or insecticide, is all-natural and must be approved by the Certified Naturally Grown body. We also use row covers, plain old water, traps, our hands and everything else we can to keep our plants "clean", free of pests AND chemicals. 

This is Boo Boo, head of Pest Management. She's been with us for about 4 years and takes her job very seriously. It is not uncommon to find her napping under a table in the Garden Center but, rest assured, she is probably actually hard at work